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Floating Fishing Pier Options

Due to similarity in design between FDS fishing piers and floating docks, many of the options listed on the Floating Docks page also pertain to our fishing piers, and vice versa.  Thus, the following few items represent only a fraction of what are considered 'customizable' aspects.  


Fishing Pier Railing Equipped With Rod Holders

Although various formats of railing are available and often inter-mingled according to project-specific needs, our floating fishing piers are typically appointed with handicap accessible “two tier” railing.  Rod holsters are built into this railing creating a simplified and comfortable fishing experience for all.  Navigate to our Portfolio page for additional photos of railing options.

Fishing Stations

Tackle Box Stands Add Functionality

Incorporating tackle box stands amongst designated fishing locations assists in keeping walking areas free of hooks and other debris, while also making the task of changing lures much quicker and easier. Although not intended to serve as fish cleaning stations, they are (at times) used for this purpose which creates a mess and can permanently stain lumber.  As a result, we can also included specific hardware including wash down stations and appropriate plumbing for this service.




Angled Back Bench

More common than not, the floating fishing piers installed by FDS also incorporate a number of benches for those who may not be fishing enthusiasts, but still wish to enjoy the natural environment.  Each bench is custom-built to ensure proper fit and placement on a fishing pier, and can be further tailored to meet project-specific requirements.