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Harrisville Harbor



Harrisville Harbor - Harrisville, MI - July 2018

Harrisville Harbor's original floating piers were installed by FDS three decades ago.  Following many years of use, the southern pier was replaced in spring of 2018, with its northern counterpart following just a few months later.  Both piers have been right-sized to meet the needs of boaters identified within a market impact study, and further upgraded with modern standards and amenities.  




The existing fixed pier was also renovated throughout the course of this project.  Old decking was removed so that piping could be tested and corrected if necessary.  The dated electrical system was completely eliminated and replaced with a new version offering ground-fault monitoring and protection.  Once utility work was finished, the pier received additional steel bracing and new premium decking.




A large gathering platform was constructed onshore with joint support from Michigan Waterways and local government.  This over-the-water common space provides a scenic overlook for pedestrians and offers boaters an open space for picnics and other other events.