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Boathouses & Shelters

When it comes to boathouses and shelters, our goal is to provide a floating dock that is specifically tailored to accommodate the subject structure's size, weight, point loads, etc.  Through close coordination with expert carpenters and contractors, FDS strives to provide a truly unique product for each application.  


The information provided below is general in nature, and merely intended to offer ideas for those who are in consideration of our services.  For additional images, please visit our Residential Floating Docks page.  If you'd like additional information or wish to discuss a potential boathouse / shelter project, we encourage you to contact us.

Exterior Appearance

A boathouse painted to complement the surrounding natural environment

Each project FDS undertakes begins with a custom concept, and this becomes even more true when a boathouse is involved.  Although appropriate consideration is always given to the floating dock itself, we find that clients typically (and understandably) show particular interest in the exterior appearance of their boathouse.  For the project pictured above, a color scheme was selected to complement the surrounding cedar treeline.

Future Requirements

If considering a larger boat for the future, plan accordingly in the original design

A boathouse or shelter should be well thought out to accommodate both current and perceived future boating needs.  Factors such as needing to shelter additional boats or upgrading to a larger vessel at some point in the future should be considered even during initial stages.  While retrofit-modifications are always possible, it's much more cost-effective to incorporate additional items into the original design.

Interior Design & Layout

Although a boathouse's exterior appearance creates first impressions, the interior configuration is equally as important.  Closets and overhead (or above-ceiling) compartments are commonly included to achieve storage space for rafts, tubes, cleaning supplies, and other boating accessories, thereby creating an environment that is both protective and functional.

Boathouse vs. Shelter

The choice between a boathouse or a boat shelter is primarily determined by a client's individual needs, however a number of other components play a role in this decision.  The current regulatory environment is an important factor when considering any over-the-water structure, and shelters typically offer a viable alternative if an enclosed boathouse is prohibited.

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