Our unique design format and manufacturing process extends beyond traditional floating dockage, which has resulted in a special category of additional products. Each of these offerings has resulted from a very specific need, coupled with out-of-the-box thinking, and we welcome any opportunity to provide a solution to particularly challenging marine needs.

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Storing personal watercrafts on lifts or hoists has become common practice, however most options on the market require dismounting, cranks, wheels, etc.  Our PWC docks allow users to effortlessly glide onto a pair of elevated guides by gently using the craft’s own propulsion. Launching requires only a slight amount of force to submerge the impeller, followed by reverse thrust. Multiple slips can be incorporated into a single unit and is connected to a primary dock by means of sliding brackets.

Our utility rafts provide an impressively sturdy yet cost effective alternative to traditional steel or aluminum work skiffs.  Commonly manufactured in an 8’ x 24’ size with live load capacities approaching 15,000-pounds, they’re extremely portable and can easily be outfitted with small hoists.  Additional sizes are available to meet virtually any maintenance need.

With uniform buoyancy support provided under virtually every square-inch, our swimming platforms are considerably more stable than traditional barrel or tub-supported versions.  As a result, reactions to asymmetrical loads are extremely minimal despite possessing an inherently low freeboard.


Cantilevered slopes can be integrated into our floating docks to provide zero-entry access for storing small sailboats, launching SUPs, and even dogs!  The relationship between size of ramp and necessary dock section width must be handled on a case-by-case basis, but generally requires only minimal buoyancy compensation to carry the resultant load.

Floating boardwalks and elevated viewing platforms provide a unique way to experience watersheds and wetland environments.  Given their floating design and minimal lake bottom contact, these structures offer an environmentally unobtrusive means of accessing marshlands without the need for heavy earthwork.


Our kayak launches may be utilized as a standalone feature, or incorporated into a larger dock system.  An adjustable-height cradle serves as the primary launching mechanism, while deck height grab rails and cantilevered staging racks provide multiple users a means of remaining stationary when current is present.  For projects requiring ADA compliance, an accessible transfer device and overhead grab bar can also be included.

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