floating docks

Our floating docks are designed as monocoque frames, creating an extremely sturdy yet forgiving structure. Due to our unique manufacturing process, each section can be custom-built to specific lengths and widths according to individual project needs. Numerous means of anchorage exist and can easily be incorporated into the system design to account for deep water basins, loose bottom soils, etc. Additional detail regarding our core design principles, as well as general floating dock specifications, can be found here.

product features

Uniform buoyancy support is provided by floatation material under every square foot of dockage, allowing our products to offer extremely consistent and stable freeboards. Heights of 18″ and 22″ will be sufficient for the vast majority of boating needs, however above-water elevations ranging from 6″ to 38″ can be achieved. Variable heights can also be accommodated by means of fixed inclines built into the deck surface.

Premium pressure treated southern yellow pine, graded Clear & Better, is offered as standard decking for all our products. This material is both structurally and visually superior to No. 1, and is absent of any knots, wane, sap pockets, etc.  Commercially produced composite and PVC decking materials are also available, along with more exotic options such as Ipe or Kebony.


Fenders are commonly spaced on approximate 8′-0″ centers utilizing either 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″ nominal lumber, and range in height from 3′ to 9′ above deck. Alternately, canvas, PVC, or vinyl bumper may be used for deck edge protection, or even affixed to the lakeward face of fenders for an additional layer of protection. Heavy-duty bullhorn-style cast aluminum cleats are offered in 10″ or 15″ versions, uniquely spaced according to the needs of each project.

FDS offers safety ladders in either aluminum (swing-up) or lumber (stationary) varieties and may be positioned at virtually any location along dockage. Storage ‘dock boxes’ are available from a number of vendors in various sizes, typically manufactured from fiberglass and in either rectangular or triangular footprints.

Our floating docks can accommodate all modern utility demands within one of the most accessible and friendly utility chambers on the market. Piping, conduit, and pull strings are all factory-installed during dockage fabrication, thereby simplifying and minimizing site work. Complete turnkey installation efforts are available through our numerous trade contractor affiliations across the Great Lakes region.