floating wave attenuators

Evaluating a location’s exposure to wind, wave, and boat wake is one of the most important factors in marina and dock design. Riprap, sheet pile, and other forms of fixed break walls are commonly used to create a sheltered basin, however certain site conditions (such as water depth) may prove restrictive for such a structure. Floating wave attenuators can offer an attractive and generally cost-effective alternative means of achieving this goal when a relatively short period, yet aggressive, wave climate exists.

product features

Aside from generally carrying a higher freeboard, our wave attenuators’ above-water appearance very much resembles that of our other floating products. As a result, many of the features of a floating dock such as decking type, fendering, bumpers, cleats, etc. also apply to wave attenuators.

The industry standard design of floating wave attenuators commonly couples extreme structure weight with a very aggressive anchorage system to mitigate wave action somewhat rigidly. While our version of this product also relies on weight, it offers a unique added benefit of internal chambers designed to use the water itself as a breaking mechanism. 

Wave attenuators can be used in unison with other dockage to provide additional berthing space, or as standalone units offset / staggered in front of other dock systems. For instances where a wave attenuator serves as either a tee head or service pier, a fixed slope built into the deck surface r short gangway must be used. Furthermore, utility provisions can easily be incorporated into each section for a seamless transition from lower freeboard dockage. 

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