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Custom Floating Structures

We are often tasked with developing products to satisfy a very specific set of needs when the “traditional” method for fulfilling such a need is not an option.  We believe our unique design and manufacturing process creates an ideal foundation for many of these alternative applications, and welcome opportunities and challenges to showcase the same.  With that being said, we’re pleased to present a small cross-section of our Custom Floating Structures product category.

Floating Watercraft Docks

Four Slip PWC Dock

Storing personal watercrafts on lifts or hoists has become somewhat of an industry standard.  Unfortunately, most of the units available in today’s market require dismounting and/or clumsy fumbling with cranks or wheels.  Our floating PWC docks allow users to effortlessly glide onto, and off of, elevated guides, and may be integrated with our floating docks or used a standalone unit.  Since each structure is custom-built, any number of PWCs can be accommodated to suit each application’s specific requirements.

Work Barges

Small Work Barge

Manufactured using the same monocoque design and rigid framework found within our floating docks and fishing piers, FDS work barges offer an impressively sturdy yet cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pontoon barges.  Available in varying sizes and configurations, these units may be designed for “portability” by means of assembled sections.  Boasting formidable live load capacities tailored to meet project-specific needs, our work barges are even capable of accepting small cranes and hoists.

Swim Rafts

Swim Raft With Fold-Up Ladder

With virtually every square inch of our swim rafts receiving uniform buoyancy support, our products are considerably more stable than traditional barrel or tub supported versions.  This 'uniform buoyancy' concept greatly reduces uneven freeboard loss as asymmetrical loads are applied, while still achieving the low freeboard necessary for a swimming application.  Although commonly fabricated in 8’ x 8’ or 10’ x 10’ sizes, we can accommodate virtually any size raft and may even incorporate a zero-entry point, creating a seamless transition into the water.

Nature Viewing Service

Floating Boardwalk

Commonly installed for nature conservancies or watersheds, our floating dock design is easily modified to create a unique means of experiencing and enjoying nature.  Considering that our products contact the lakebed at only a few points (as necessitated by anchorage), they offer an environmentally unobtrusive method to traverse marshlands or protected ecosystems where earthwork construction would otherwise be prohibited.