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Our Products

We are very proud of the development and growth our design has undergone since the early seventies. Over the years, we have pioneered several concepts that have become pace setters for both floating dock and marina standards.

Floating Docks


Historically, floating docks have been criticized for being inherently unstable. Our unique “monocoque” design shatters this notion with an unparalleled level of strength and stability, even in windy conditions and turbulent waters. Well-suited to numerous applications and environments, and with an innate capability of providing uniform freeboard regardless of water level, our floating docks offer countless advantages over traditional pile-supported or crib-type piers.


Floating Fishing Piers


Fabricated using a monocoque foundation identical to that of our floating docks, FDS floating fishing piers are characterized by the same “strength and stability” with unmatched functionality.  Created with handicap accessibility in mind, our fishing piers are designed to be “barrier free” and offer a number of customizable options.  From wheelchair-friendly “two tier” fishing railing (which houses rod holsters) to resting benches and tackle box stands, our fishing piers create a safe and enjoyable setting for all anglers.

Gangways & Ramps


Gangways and ramps serve as integral parts of an entire floating dock system, as they provide a means by which users access their slips.  The proper type and size is virtually always a function of vertical drop from shore grade to water surface, along with any space constraint restrictions.  Considering that an "acceptable" slope is very much a subjective matter, appropriate consideration should be given to this component when considering a floating dock.

Floating Wave Attenuators


Resembling our typical floating docks when viewed from above the water, FDS floating wave attenuators are particularly geared toward the task of reducing wave activity.  The massive weight of these structures acts as a “floating breakwall” barrier to turbulent waters, while more importantly they actually uses water as a breaking mechanism, resisting wave generated pitching movement, thereby reducing the resultant wave height. We’ve visited many competing designs, watched their movement under wave activity, and remain respectfully confident that our unique application provides more effective results while carrying the structural integrity required by virtue of improved wave attenuation.

Boathouses & Shelters


Boathouses and shelters have long played a major role within the recreational boating industry.  Roughly four decades ago, FDS began incorporating boathouses and shelters into our floating docks.  Since then, we've decided to focus our efforts strictly on the "dock" aspect, thus leaving construction of the boathouse or shelter itself to expert contractors.  This arrangement allows the end user to receive an extremely high quality product in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

Custom Floating Structures


From swimming platforms to work barges, FDS offers a wide variety of products which have been given the classification  of Custom Floating Structures.  Nearly all of the items under this product category can be used as either standalone units, or directly incorporated into one of our dock systems.  Since these products satisfy very specific needs, we do not feel it is beneficial to enter into great detail on this matter.  Rather, we prefer to address these forms of projects on a case-by-case basis.   We have discovered over time that necessity is often the best facilitator of invention.  If a situation arises in which a unique need exists, we would like to offer our expertise to create a solution.

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